Out with the old…

Just went through the really unpleasant experience of moving my website form the web hosting company GoDaddy (known mostly for their CEO who hunts elephants for kicks and their less than progressive ads) to another host.

Took advantage of the overlong time spent at my computer to put up a new site design! This one’s got all the bells and whistles to make it look good on mobile, and all swiperific on iPad.


Along with the new site comes a New Year’s resolution to climb out of a long illustration hiatus and start making some new work . This Halloween-themed illo was done back in November, but is hopefully the first of many. Had a lot of fun brush-inking this one (inspired by the my buddy Greg Hill doing all his illos that way).


Always love to hear from anyone out there visiting my site – comments and emails are always welcome!



  • Saw your work today on Illustration Friday’s facebook page, and it’s amazing! I have to ask if “Ruffled Feathers” is based on the comic book character Newman Xeno.

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